Character traits – Thoughtful, Tired, Kindly, Imaginative, Crafty

Redfoot is a grizzled old Uktena Theruge, who wears many days on his brow. He has a thin, but expressive face, with black hair that refuses to turn silver or grey. Born a Cherokee in northern oklahoma shortly after the end of world war 2, he inherited the gift of “medicine” from his mother’s side. He would also inherit the gifts of Luna and Gaia, as his great-great-great uncle on mother side was a Uktena Ahroun, and his change and ancestors came to him at a young age. As a cliath, he and his pack traveled to Arizona to battle with fell plots to unleash nuclear accidents in the united states. Redfoot is his given Cherokee name, and he has never used any other name. He is 65 years old, and is pretty spry for his age. He is a master theurge, and attracts eager students from across north america. He participated in the creation of the caern, and is the only werewolf left alive of the group. A great battle was waged on the waters of the lake, under the cover of mist and night, and the Garou and their kinfolk allies held off a swarm of marine bound black spiral dancers and Okie Fomori.

He tends to be extreme in what ever he is doing or feeling. He is bitter about the fall of his peoples in the human world, and the choice of many native tribesman to forget the old ways. He appreciates youth and passion, but also respects the way of the wolf, and has collared more than a few Ahrouns three times his size with his cagey demeanor and skill. He is a trickster at heart, but that heart is heavy with years. He has done well to protect the sept, but his torch starts to burn low. He is ever a theurge, and counsels wisdom and restraint in order to put the sept in a good position to survive, while other camps in the sept wish to start lashing out at their enemies more and in more effective, yet

Redfoot is also known for undertaking grueling vision quests and a mastery of the spirit world that rivals any elder on the face of the planet. He knows every rite in the core group, and many tribal and secret rites. He is also a master of the human native american tribal medicine man and herbal/natural remedies.




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