The Bloody Eyed Caern

Lvl 1 Caern of Rage
Totem: Bloodeye Vulture

This is a small Red Talon caern, hidden in the shadow of the Red River. The caern is tended by 1 pack of Red Talons. The Sept Alpha is Blood-Cedar, A Red Talon Ahroun Athro, who also leads the main pack, the Stalking Vulture pack. They run a large area of the semi wilderness along the eastern portion of the red river valley. It is considered generally unwise to approach them without great cause, or permission already.

Sept Alpha/Eldest -

Blood-Moon-Cedar – Lupus Ahroun Athro(4)
Warder -

Cutting-Rain – Lupus Ahroun Adren(3)

Master of the Rite/Gatekeeper -

Bloody-Sapling – Metis Theurge Adren(3)

Master of the Challenge -

Keeps-the-Way – Lupus Philodox Adren(3)

Keeper of the Land -

Smells-the-Dead – Lupus Ragabash Fostern(2)

The Bloody Eyed Caern

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