The Lake Texoma Caern

Lvl/Type: Level 3 Caern of Wisdom – Rituals and Primal-Urge
Caern Totem:Catfish – Once per lunar month, the totem may be summoned to fight along side the sept, OR it can impart a blessing on all the members of the sept. Also, the totem grants a bonus that is distributed as a pack trait, at ST discretion. This blessing or presence usually last one day (24 hours).

Common Trait: Grants an extra point of Perception, use of the lvl 2 Uktena “Spirit of the Fish” Gift, and -1 difficulty on any Mystic Rite rolls.

Pack Traits: Catfish can divide up 7 dice of Willpower among the packs of the sept. This is decided by GM/ST.

Ban: Septs dedicated to Catfish must not eat any fish they or their pack did not catch, nor may they consume any other fish other than catfish. This includes shellfish and all other kinds of fish, fresh or salt water They also must ensure that the population of fish in the lake stays healthy.

Gauntlet: 3
Moon Bridge Distance – 3,000 miles

Lvl 3 Caern usually has 10-20 Members


The Elders are the leaders, but are assisted in council will all Athro ranked garou.

Elder – Sept Alpha – Redfoot, Uktena Theurge Elder Homid

Elder – Sept Beta – Dargo Grey-Skies-Turn-Red, Get of Fenris Philodox Homid Elder

Warder – Johnathan Bone-Knife, Wendigo Lupus Ahroun Athro

Master of the Rite – Christine Raymond – “Saint Ray” – Black Fury Homid Theurge Athro

Master of the Challenge – Mikhail-Jean Silver-Wind – Silver Fang Philodox Adren

Keeper of the Land – Teaghan Watches-The-River-Run, Childern of Gaia Homid Galliard Adren

Gatekeeper – Blood-From-The-Stone, Get of Fenris Theurge Metis


Caller of the Wyld – Eats-All-The-Fish, Uktena Ragabash Adren Lupus

Master of the Howl


Truthcatcher – Yuros “Gavel-Sounds-Like-Thunder” Pechovick – Homid Philodox Adren(3)

Wyrm Foe -

Council of the Red Catfish
Traditionally made up of all the sept Elders and Athro

Current Council -

Elders –
Redfoot – Uktena
Dargo Grey-Skies-Turn-Red – Get of Fenris

Athro –
Saint Ray – Black Fury
Johnathan Bone-Knife – Wendigo
Twisted-Claw – Uktena

_Caern Population -21 npc + 5 pc = 26 total – 5 Packs

Black Fury – 2

Christine Raymond “Saint Ray” – Homid Theurge Athro(4)*
Tamara “Black Rose” Riley – Homid Ahroun Fostern(2)*

Bone Gnawers – 3

Modercai Salvages-The-Wyrm – Homid Theurge Adren(3)*
Wendy “Jump-Start” Wyatt – Homid Ragabash Fostern(2)*
Tow-Jumper – Metis Ahroun Fostern(2)*

Children of Gaia – 2

Teaghan Watches-the-River-Run Homid Galliard Adren(3) *
Timothy Son-of-Oak Homid Ahroun Fostern(2)*

Fianna – 2

Camden Death-Howler – Homid Galliard Adren(3)*
Whiksey-In-The-Jar – Metis Ragabash Fostern(2)*

Get of Fenris – 3

Dargo Grey-Skies-Turn-Red – Homid Philodox Elder(5)
Blood-From-The-Stone – Metis Theurge Adren(3)*
Train-Crusher – Lupus Ahroun Fostern(2)*

Glass Walkers – 0

Red Talons – 0

Shadow Lords – 2
Yuros “Gavel-Sounds-Like-Thunder” Pechovick – Homid Philodox Adren(3)*
Anatacia “Black-Blade” Turvoje – Homid Ragabash Fostern(2)*

Silent Striders – 0

Silver Fangs – 2

Jean-Mikhail Silver-Wind – Homid Philodox Adren(3)*
Barry “Shades-Of-Death” Moss – Homid Theurge Fostern(2)*

Stargazers – 1

Nicholas “Opens-The-Eyes” LaVall – Homid Ragabash Adren(3)*

Uktena – 3

Redfoot – Homid Theurge Elder(5)
Twisted-Claw – Metis Ahroun Athro(4)*
Eats-All-The-Fish – Lupus Ragabash Adren(3)*

Wendigo – 1

Johnathan Bone-Knife – Lupus Ahroun Athro(4)*

Questing Pack of the Sept of the River Running Read
Pack Totem -

Black Fury


2 x Get of Fenris

Jason Farrow


1x Glass Walker

Web Stalker

1x Bone Gnawer

Wire Fang


The Snake Footprint Pack – (Uktena) 4- Eats-All-The-Fish, Bone-Knife, Watches-The-River-Run, Son-Of-Oak, Whiskey-In-The-Jar – Warder and Guardian Pack

The Echoes of Thunder Pack – (Grandfather Thunder) 5 – Gavel-Sounds-Like-Thunder, Black-Blade, Death-Howler,, and Black-Rose

The Blinded Dreamer Pack – (Chimera) 4 – Saint-Ray, Silver-WInd, Opens-the-Eyes, Twisted Claw

The Junk-And-Scrap Pack – (General Lee) 3 – Salvages-The-Wyrm, Jump-Start, Tow-Jumper.

The Wise Warrior Pack – (Raven) 3 – Blood-From-The-Stone, Train-Crusher ,Shades-Of-Death

The Lake Texoma Caern

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